Albert King
Toronto Star Stage
Toronto, ON
25 July 1987

Another tape received in trade more than 20 years ago. Little bit of a mystery: the announcements make it clear the venue is right, but there is already a Toronto gig listed, at a different venue, for the same date. The set list is completely different, too. I can't find anything else that might match it � there is only one other Toronto gig (during his whole career) listed on etree and that's completel;y different as well. so I'm concluding that, given that this one sounds rather like a festival gig, possibly he did another show earlier in the day. If anyone can shed any better light on it I'll happily amend all this.

Sound is very decent if a bit variable. There's a very quick squirt of a radio announcer's voice at the end which suggests it might be a broadcast. About 2 hours long. MP3 sample in comments.

Set list:

Gonna move to the outskirts of town
Kansas City
Someday baby
Night time woman
As the years go passing by
California flood
I'll play the blues for you
The sky is crying
Born under a bad sign
Everyday I have the blues
Stormy Monday
Phone booth

Lineage: as best as I can tell, 2nd or 3rd gen tape. Into Magix ACL where Flac files created.