Albert King
March 4th, 1989
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA

Source: DSBD>DAT

Conversion : DAT @ 48k -> HT OMega 7.1 Soundcard (Optical Inputs)>WAV (48)> Syntillium Cool Edit Downsample to 44.1 WAV>CD WAV (Track Split)>FLAC

- marked as DSBD (don't hear any hiss on the tape), 'very matrixey'
- Fade In and Fade Out applied using Syntillium Cool Edit 2.0
- FLAC files are tagged (JRF)
- A few hot shorts in the PA system (and Albert unplugging/plugging his guitar in to amp) are reduced in Syntillium

d101 - Band Intro 1
d102 - Them Changes with Albert King
d103 - You So Mean to Me
d104 - Blues at Sunrise
d105 - Ask Me No Questions
d106 - As The Years Go By
d107 - California Flood
d108 - Sky is Crying
d109 - Matchbox Blues
d110 - Born Under a Bad Sign