Albert King
March 9, 1989 - first set
O.T. Price's Music Hall
Soquel, California, USA

Digital soundboard recording

contrast clause: This is a longer (by one song) and fixed (correct date, venue and running order) version of what is posted at:

A few other minor problems that were in the previous version have also been corrected here, such as a second or so that was missing from Matchbox Blues.

This upgrade is combined from 2 different versions that were both from the same original source.

CD 1 - backing band intro tracks - 12:59
101 [06:42] backing band intro instrumental
102 [06:17] backing band intro instrumental

CD 2 - Albert King's first set - 71:56
201 [04:02] Albert intro > Them Changes instrumental vamp
202 [05:35] You're So Mean to Me
203 [01:00] talk
204 [10:19] Blues at Sunrise
205 [05:26] Ask Me No Questions
206 [08:02] As The Years Go By
207 [05:35] California Flood
208 [11:14] Sky is Crying
209 [10:39] Matchbox Blues
210 [00:28] talk
211 [06:04] Born Under a Bad Sign
212 [03:32] set closing instrumental

This is apparently a soundboard recording with a lot of ambience. There has been some debate over whether it might be a matrix recording of soundboard plus audience or even just a fantastic sounding straight audience recording but after a lot of listening, I think that it is actually what I had it originally labelled as - a digital soundboard master. The previous torrent of this, besides being labelled as a matrix recording, was also listed incorrectly as being from March 3rd at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. The venue confusion is derived from the "hello Santa Cruz" comment that is made, but Soquel is right next to the city of Santa Cruz in an unincorporated area that might still be considered as "Santa Cruz" by a visiting band.

This master was done on an early Dat deck, a Sony TCD-D10 that was imported from Japan before that model was released in the United States ("grey market").

The recording is terrific sounding, but the show is not quite Albert at his best for a few reasons. First of all, Albert states that it's his first show since New Years. He also says at one point that he is not at his best because he is getting over the flu. And finally, there are some audio problems with the bass being too loud on stage that Albert comments about. But none of this seriously affects the recording's sound quality or the performance "that much" and this is still a highly recommended download.

Lineage: Dat Source 1 - Previous torrent listed as DSBD matrix but with incorrect info describing The Catalyst's taping setup around that time.

Source 1 listed transfer info: DAT @ 48k > HT OMega 7.1 Soundcard (Optical Inputs) > WAV (48) > Syntillium Cool Edit Downsample to 44.1 WAV > CD WAV (Track Split) > FLAC

Source 2 (my old copy): Sony TCD-D10 Dat master > playback on Sony TCD-D10 master deck > Sony Beta PCM tape recorded on SL-HF900 at Beta II speed > playback on same deck (Sony SL-HF900) > Macintosh with Digidesign Audiomedia III sound card > Pro Tools > merge with source 1 > Aiff > xACT (Flac level 8 files with sector boundaries verified).

(NOTE: The second set of this show was apparently not recorded.)

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