Albert King Band
The Birchmere
Alexandria, VA

Source: Beyerdynamic M201 Mics > Sony WM-D6C > Master Cassette (Sony Metal ES-90); Taped by Tom Proctor

Transfer: Tascam 112mkII > Gold Plated Monster Cables > Sound Forge 8 > 16bit @ 44.1 kHz > CD Wave > Flac



01 - Jam in A
02 - Titan of the Blues Intro
03 - Set Me Free
04 - Going To Kansas City
05 - I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
06 - I Don't Know Why You So Mean To Me
07 - The Sky is Crying
08 - Every Day I Have the Blues
09 - Breezin'
10 - Blues Shuffle
11 - Killing Floor
12 - Years Go Passin By
13 - ?
14 - Stormy Monday
15 - I Got a Mind to Ramble
16 -


King of the St Louis Blues, The Man of the Hour, The Titan of the Blues, whatever you call him - here he is - Albert King.

The first of two nights at the Birchmere, this is a great show. The recording is very nice overall, par for the Birchmere. I think Albert's mic was too low for a good part of the show, and you can hear that he was struggling with it some since he kept asking the soundman to turn it up (he even yelled "test!" in the middle of a tune).

I haven't ever seen any other copies of this floating around, and this is the first time I transferred this master tape, so it could be new to circulation. Here's to Albert, one of the greatest of the first generation blues guitarists with a very deep, gravel-toned singing voice who created his own unique, raw, and often funky, St. Louis blues style. - Dub Irie - 6/02/2006