AlbertKing1990-08-19.sbd.pcm.Toads flac info

Albert King
Toad's Place New Haven, CT

lineage: sbd (house mix)>PCM 601esd > super beta Sony HF SL 600> beta tape.
transfer: super beta Sony HF SL 960 > PCM 601esd > rca cables >Roland au 55>usb>audacity 16/44>wav>tlh. taperchuck3 sept 2015. 1st time seeded on dime Feb. 2019.

01 tunning
02 Kansas City
05 the Sky is Crying
06 Crosscut Saw
07 As the years go Passing By
08 I'll Play the Blues for You
09 applause
11 introductions over song

Albert King - guitar
Jimmy (King?) - guitar [ his grandson ]
Archie __ - keyboards
Melvin __ - bass
Dave __ - drums

85 minutes. Robert Crotty Band opened.
few click removals, EQ to add some bass. announcer's voice lowered many times.
mix improves by t03-t04.
house mix is just Albert's guitar and voice. the bass and drums are heard through his mic.
you also hear the keyboard and 2nd guitar a little. they were not loud at the show either.