Albert King
Circle Star Theater
Redwood City, CA
Mar. 15, 1991
Opening for: Bobby "Blue" Bland (not recorded), B.B. King (will post next)

Audience recording from cassette master
Lineage: Panasonic RQ-L335/TDK SA90 -> Audacity -> Flac frontend -> Dime -> You
Taper: hail_ozzy

01 - Intro
02 - The Sky is Crying
03 - Phone Booth
04 - As The Years Go Passing By
05 - (Albert talking)
06 - Matchbox Blues
07 - I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town

Length: 38 mins

Info: Nice show at now defunct Circle Star. GOod recording, though some tape hiss and occasional clicking of unclear etiology.
My subjective rating: B-

Petriz comments:
Thanks to hail_ozzy for taping the show.
I got this in an E-trade with a friend.
I created new ffp files, the md5 checksum is original.