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sorry I missed to tape the original TV broadcast to bring up a proper DVD of this one.

Albert King:

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Length: 68:51min
Information: http://db.etree.org/lookup_show.php?shows_key=272773

Ohne Filter TV Show, SWR Studio 5, Baden- Baden, Germany, 18th July 1992
01) Announcement by Fritz Egner ~ Instrumental(*)
02) Changes
03) I Wonder Why
04) The Sky Is Crying
05) I'll Play The Blues For You
06) Stormy Monday
07) Born Under A Bad Sign
08) Instrumental(*)
09) As The Years Go Passing By
10) Overall Junction
Length: 58:39min
bonus track: (venue and date unknown)
11) Roadhouse Blues (this tune is an Albert King original)
Length: 10:12min
Albert King: Vocals, Guitar, not present on (*)
Randall Boykins: Guitar
Derek Harris: Guitar
James Kinard: Bass
Dave Jefferson: Drums

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This is dedicated with all my respect to my broī Dubwise(as on my previous ul on some other side),

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ca51648ff117beb389fa5c10d4108b40 [shntool] Track04.flac
dd1cc1a6d6f151bfb23e266fbe742fb2 [shntool] Track05.flac
78b1b0b660abcc614729b2a3af36fe24 [shntool] Track06.flac
bb428d7ff11c34d23f91890b5973318a [shntool] Track07.flac
3285f508069121e2a184fd2f5f0350cb [shntool] Track08.flac
417fa636253064151a4f8d22f7da287a [shntool] Track09.flac
f297b022705a99f0e05cf94964a45e82 [shntool] Track10.flac
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e1e96e358e041ecc3205545376ae02c8 *Track04.flac
13641340bb6cc0b1d364e1f9307c36fa *Track05.flac
7584597d0e145549213aab449af08046 *Track06.flac
f97c03cec4ddeb40b4fdb70a1d904767 *Track07.flac
036ee9cf60faaab06e6ef161a0dab95b *Track08.flac
62952b38b1f2eb698877b65f0a908dd1 *Track09.flac
f8d6f01e0b7b3809aad5d47c088e7628 *Track10.flac
a593c548fa7c75e5025f82eb00fa8864 *Track11.flac

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