Albert White & Beverley �Guitar� Watkins
Meltdown Festival
Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
14 June 2010

This was the opening set of the �Six Guitars� show in the Meltdown Festival curated by Richard Thompson. I have the �Six Guitars� set recorded but I'm trying to establish if a film of the set was actualy released. There's a trailer (�Six Guitar Meltdown�) on Youtube but, as far as I can see, no actual release. If I can confirm that I'll upload the rest which features Thompson, Martin Simpson, James Burton , Dennis Coffey, Nokie Edwards and John Etheridge. Some line-up...


Albert White (guitar, vocals)
Beverley �Guitar� Watkins (guitar, vocals)
Danny Thompson (bass)
Jay Bellerose (drums)

Set list:

Someday baby (AW)
A rose for my lady (AW)
Downhome blues (AW)
Stranded in St Louis (AW)
My baby left me (BGW)
Play the blues for you (BGW)
Sugar sweet baby (BGW)
Right string but wrong yoyo (BGW)

Recorded on a Sony mini disc HiMD in HiLP. Nice quality. Sample in comments.