The Albion Band - Cropredy Festival 1983.08.13 aud 2nd Gen cassette - fresh transfer FLAC

Recording lineage unknown/ JVC TD-W718 to Adobe Audition >FLAC

This was received in a trade back in the mid 1980s from a guy who died some years ago. All I know is that it was not recorded on a Sony Pro Walkman. This was the last time this mighty version of the Albions performed.

01 The Albions are in town again/Simple melody
02 Banter
03 5 dance tunes through 5 centuries
04 Banter
05 The Shipwreck
06 Banter
07 Love is like a railway station
08 Banter
09 Orion's Belt/Rose & the Rock
10 Banter
11 Beware of blue
12 Halek Brawl

Ashley Hutchings.....Bass/vocals
Dave Whetstone.......Squeezeboxes/guitar/vocals
Cathy le Surf........Vocals
Jean-Pierre Rasle....Bagpipes/various other blown instruments
Simon Nicol..........Guitar
Dave Mattacks........Drums