The Albion Band - Roskilde Festival 1983-10-07 Sbd 2nd Gen cassette, reseed request

Recording lineage unknown/ JVC TD-W718 to Adobe Audition >FLAC

This was received the late 1980s in exchange for the loan of certain reels long forgotten. This recording has never been circulated by me, but who knows who else the guy whose name was Frank gave it to. This gig was part of a tour of Sweden and Denmark undertaken during September and October 1983. Trevor Foster had ably replaced Dave Mattacks on drums, and Alan Prosser was standing in for possibly Doug Morter on guitar.

01 The Albions are in town again/Simple melody
02 Green mist
03 5 dance tunes through 5 centuries
04 Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
05 Pall Mall/Kensington/Doing the Aldwych
06 Light Shining
07 Love is like a railway station
08 3 Dance tunes
09 Time to ring some changes
10 Beware of blue
11 Halek Brawl
12 Heart
13 Tunes

Ashley Hutchings Bass/vocals
Dave Whetstone Squeezeboxes/guitar/vocals
Cathy le Surf Vocals
Jean-Pierre Rasle Bagpipes/various other blown instruments
Alan Prosser Guitar
Trevor Foster Drums