Albion Band
South Petherton Folk Festival
David Hall
South Petherton, Somerset
16th June 1991

Recorded with Marantz CP230 and a pair of Marantz mics. Transferred to Cool Edit - no EQ applied, tracks split. Processed to FLAC level 8 using Traders Little Helper

01 Yellow Dress
02 Nameless Kind Of Hell
03 Throw Out The Lifeline
04 Horseshoe Hornpipe / Chasing The Jack
05 Thorn Upon The Rose
06 The Blind Fiddler
07 Adam And Eve
08 Blow, Boys, Blow / Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
09 Hard Times Come Again No More
10 Marling Jig
11 Ball, Anchor And Chain
12 Thomasses Morris / Postman's Polka
13 The Fireman's Song
14 The Party's Over
15 Rapid Polka
16 Go North
17 Rip It Up (with Dave Burland)
18 No Surrender

Ashley Hutchings
Phil Beer
Julie Matthews
Simon Care
Trevor Foster