Albion Band members with actors and Bridgewater Brass Ensemble in Tales From the Towpath - the story of the building of the Manchester Ship Canal in England - BBC Radio 2 1999

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There is some information here about the building of this project at a time when health and safety was not considered!

I don't have a broadcast date for this in 1999, so no clever clogs please! The programme makers Smooth Operations do not provide broadcast dates on their website.

What is important is that this Albion Band line up existed for this production only, as the Albions had returned to being electric a couple of years before, Chris & Julie being a duo in their own right.

01 intro
02 36 miles away from the sea
03 Narrative
04 Tales of the towpath
05 Narrative
06 We can't get the wares away
07 Narrative
08 Your loving son Dan
09 Narrative
10 When the floods came in
11 Narrative
12 36 miles away from the sea (cont'd)
13 Narrative
14 36 miles away from the sea (cont'd)
15 Narrative/The opening!
16 A modern marvel
17 Credits

The Albion Band

Ashley Hutchings bass/vocals
Chris While guitar/vocals
Julie Matthews keyboards/vocals
Joe Broughton fiddle

Brass by the Bridgewater Brass Ensemble

Narration by Mike Harding


Mike Lucas
Yashty McLachlin
Joanne McGowan
Richard Poval
Edmund Harcourt