Albion Country Band
Brunel University
Uxbridge, UK
October 27, 1972

Taper's reel>taper's cassette>cdr>CD WAV Editor>traders little helper for conversion to FLAC (level 8) and checksum

A 'kind of' contrast clause:
This is the same show, but an upgrade, to the torrent currently running labeled 10/25/72 (torrent #166965), because the cdrs it's sourced from were made from cassettes the taper made from his originals.

In terms of the date and venue, I know there is a lot of uncertainty with these old shows, but, I'm assuming the information here is as good as I'll be able to get it. The taper provided cassette's which he made from his original recordings of these Albion Country Band performances in 72-73, as well as his 72-73 recordings of Richard & Linda, along with detailed notes he kept of the shows which include the day of the week the concert was performed, the band members, the venues, the dates, and the setlists (which include songs performed that he did not record, if any.)

I haven't tried to fix this at all, because I don't really know how and would probably screw it up if I tried. What you're getting is exactly what I've got with the exception of it having been tracked. I've placed track splits wherever the taper turned his machine off and at the end of crowd noise and tuning.

Ashley Hutchings bass vocals
Simon Nicol guitar, electric dulcimer, vocals
Dave Mattacks drums
Richard Thompson guitar, vocals
Linda Thompson vocals
Sue Draheim fiddle
And the Chingford Morris Men with John Watcham on concertina, tracks 6 - 11.

01.Nobody's Wedding
03.Shady Lies
05.Poor Ditching Boy
07.Napoleon's Dream
08.He May Call You Up Tonight
09.Wincester Processional/Furry Dance
10.Jockey To The Fair
12.Princess Royal (major)
13. split second of useless noise
14.Constant Billy
16.Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket
18.Bonny Green Garters
19.crowd noise and chat
20.Has He Got A Friend For Me
21.intro to instrumentals
22.The New St George>Waltz Vienna>St Anne's Reel
23.cut, then more applause
24.intro to encore
25.Encore: Break My Mind

I'll reupload a show I shared a couple of years ago now, the 12/29/72, ACB performance that was lovingly remastered (not by me!) before it was shared.