Albion Country Band University College London England 1972.10.25 aud 2nd Gen FLAC

Unknown recording equipment/JVC TD-W718 to Sony RH1 MD set to PCM/USB to wav via Sonicstage/adobe audition >Tracks>fades>Flac 6

Checksum files done in Traders Little Helper

I traded this with the taper back in 1984-85 time, who I believe used a Reel to Reel recorder in the early 1970s, and was a friend of the Fairport mob at the time. I used a little hiss reduction and the result is not bad at all to my ears for such a recording made 37 years ago!

The Albion Country Band played three nights at the Howff, near Regent Street in London, augmented by Shirley Collins and Barry Dransfield.

01 Rapper dances - Albion Morris
02 Banter
03 Shady lies
04 Don't make it 54
05 ?
06 New St George
07 Song by Barry Dransfield
08 Tuning
09 Dance tunes
10 Instrumental - RT
11 Banter
12 Jolly Wassail
13 So sad
14 Poor little beggar girl
15 Poor ditdhing boy
16 Napoleon's dream
17 Draggin' the river
18 Has he got a friend for me?
19 Songs from Shirley Collins
20 Lovely Joan from Shirley Collins
21 Morris dances - Albion Morris - Saturday Night/Constant Billy/Princess Royal/Old woman tossed up in a blanket/Balance of straw?/Bonnie Green Garter
22 A calling on song - fades

The Albion Country Band

Ashley Hutchings bass/vocals
Richard Thompson guitar/vocals
Linda Peters vocals
Shirley Collins vocals
Simon Nicol guitar/vocals
Sue Draheim fiddle
Barry Dransfield fiddle/guitar/vocals
Roger Swallow drums