Albion Country Band with Richard & Linda Thompson - University College London England 1972-10-25 brand new transfer from aud 2nd Gen cassette FLAC

Unknown recording equipment/JVC TD-W718 to adobe audition >Tracks>mastering/fades>Flac

Checksum files done in Traders Little Helper

I traded this with the taper back in 1984-85 time, who I believe used a Reel to Reel recorder in the early 1970s, and was a friend of the Fairport mob at the time. This is the first gig of this line up as Ashley mentions in the first banter, of what became known as the "caretaker Albion Country Band"

I gave this Audition CS6 mastering treatment which has made the sound much clearer to my ears - I just need to find out how both this and saving can be done for all tracks together by batch processing.

01 Nobody's wedding
02 Banter
03 Shady lies
04 Banter
05 Poor Ditching Boy
06 Napoleon's dream
07 He may call you up tonight
08 Banter

"Still the Chingford Morris Men"
09 Winster processional/Jockey to the fair/Princess Royal/Balance of straw/?
Old woman tossed up in a blanket
10 Banter/Bonnie Green Garter
11 Has he got a friend for me?
12 Banter
13 New St George/tune
14 Banter
15 Don't make it 54
16 Break my mind
17 Tuning
18 Morris tune - fades out unfortunately!

The Albion Country Band

Ashley Hutchings bass/vocals
Richard Thompson guitar/vocals
Linda Peters vocals
Simon Nicol guitar/vocals
Sue Draheim fiddle
Roger Swallow drums