Albion Dance Band in Return of the Compleat Dancing Master, Hazlitt Theatre Maidstone England 1984.10.06 cassette master FLAC

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This is the second of two performances of this show, with a large cast consisting of the Albion Dance Band, plus Philip Pickett on things you blow through, the Albionettes - Ashley's own dance troupe and actor Howard Gurney from the National Theatre. The show took the usual form of dialogue, readings, songs, and this time dances from the Albionettes done to Dave Whetstone tunes, with whom Ashley danced some of the time. As far as I know, some of the tunes were rarely if ever performed again - in particular the morris tunes.

CD 1

01 Playing in people arriving - dance tunes
02 Dialogue
03 Chaucer sequence
04 Dialogue
05 William Kemp/Morris Dances
06 Dialogue
07 Dance tune
08 Of the manner of taking off one's hat and putting it on
09 I live not where I love
10 Dr Johnson
11 Dance tune
12 Dialogue
13 Appalachan dance - Only when I laugh


14 Dance tune
15 Lord George Byron
16 Step dance
17 Dance tune
18 The Crowne & Anchor
19 Fretful porkupine
20 Dialogue
21 Spread a little happiness
22 Dialogue
23 1920s dance medley
24 Dancing queen!
25 Love is like a railway station
26 Dialogue
27 Froggy's first jump/Band introductions/Halek brawl
28 The voice of Uncle Jim Lloyd - presenter of Folk on 2

Albion Dance Band

Ashley Hutchings bass/spoken word
Phil Beer fiddle/mandolin/guitar
Dave Whetstone guitar/concertina/melodian
Doug Morter guitar
cathy LeSurf vocals/spoken word
Guy Marshall keyboards
Trevor Foster drums
"Professor" Phil Pickett anything blown through!

Actor - Howard Gurney
Dancers - The Albionettes