The Albion Dance Band - BBC Folk on 2 1988.02.24 - HiFi Video recorder master FM FLAC

FM tuner/Philips HiFi Video recorder/Adobe audition >Tracks> Flac 8
Checksum in Traders Little helper

This programme also had the Kipper family, but I erased that years ago. Nice to hear Jim Lloyd's BBC voice again!

01 Merry Sherwood Rangers/Time to ring some changes
02 Introduction - Jim Lloyd
03 Polka
04 Intro/Hornpipe/Dancing on air
05 Woodbine & Ivy - Polly Bolton
06 I only wanna dance with you - Polly Bolton
07 Intro/Tavern in the town
08 Band introductions - Jim Lloyd
09 Intro/Soldier's joy/I got new shoes
10 Intro/Brief encounters
11 Intro/Hopping down in Gwent/Welsh Girls
12 Unknown tune
13 Sid Kipper's dance
14 Drowned lover - Polly Bolton
15 Kerry square
16 Final dance

The Albion Dance Band

Ashley Hutchings caller/bass/vocals
Phil Beer guitar/fiddle/vocals
Simon Care squeeze boxes
John Shepherd keyboards
Polly Bolton vocals
Pete Zorn sax/vocals
Trevor Foster drums