Alejandro Escovedo - 1998-04-07
Gabe's Oasis, Iowa City, Iowa (USA)
"Classical Glam"

*songs played from the audience

set 1/disc 1
tuning, talk
I Was Drunk
One More Time
Five Hearts Breaking
Sad and Dreamy (The Big 1-0)
Pissed Off 2 A.M.
I Wanna Be Your Dog>
x-Two Angels*
Broken Bottle*
Irene Wilde*
Mountain of Mud*

set 2/disc 2
By Eleven
Rain Won't Help You When It's Over
Evening Gown
The End
I Wish I Was Your Mother
Last to Know>band intro>excore break
Thirteen Years Theme*
Thirteen Years*
Ballad of the Sun and the Moon*

David Perales- violin
Brian Standefer- cello
Joe Eddy Hines- guitar
Alejandro Escovedo- guitar, vocals

Source: Sbd> DAT and Aud>DAT
Audience portion: Sony ECM-737 mics
Transfer: DAT> Tascam DA20mkII> M-Audio Transit
Editing, tracking, FLACing, etc: SoundForge 8.0,
CDWave, Trader's Little Helper