The Mint
Los Angeles, CA
Thursday, August 16, 2007

SOURCE: Soundboard Recording (Exact Lineage Unknown)

Time for another great Alejandro soundboard.
All thanks due Mike Thompson. He is the "responsible party" here.
He went to great lengths to see that this show was recorded and shared with all.

Please support this wonderful artist. Buy his merchandise and attend his shows.

01. Baby's Got New Plans
02. Dear Head On The Wall
03. Everybody Loves Me
04. Sister Lost Soul *
05. Sensitive Boys *
06. Always A Friend To You *
07. Juarez > Rosalie
08. I Was Drunk
09. Castanets
10. Put You Down


11. I Wish I Was Your Mother

* New Song

Alejandro Escovedo - Guitar, Vocals
David Pulkingham - Guitar
Susan Voelz - Violin
Matt Fish - Cello
Josh Gravelin - Bass
Hector Munoz - Drums