Alejandro Escovedo Orchestra
SXSanJose, Hotel San Jose/Jo's Coffee parking lot
Austin, TX

March 20, 2009

Source: soundboard, professionally recorded with post-production work.

Mike Thompson:
Recently I re-discovered this recording of the Alejandro Escovedo Orchestra at SXSanJose
What I had was the rough mix, which I sent to my friend in New York to see what he could do with it.
This is different from any other version(s) that may be out there. If I remember correct,
the recording that was up on LMA is an audience recording done by, I believe, a taper I hooked up named Drew Falconieri.
It is definitely an upgrade and has not been available before now.

It was the first time the Orchestra of this size and magnitude had been put together in a very long time.
I'm real proud of the work I contributed to make this happen, and I immediately thought of you when I received it.

Alejandro Escovedo - vocals/guitar
David Pulkingham - guitar
Susan Voelz - violin
Brian Standefer - cello
Kevin Lovejoy - keyboards
Glenn Fukunaga - bass
Ephraim Owens - trumpet
Charles Dickey - trombone
Alex Coke - tenor sax
Mark Wilson - baritone sax
Sheree Smith - vocals
Kim Polini - vocals
Carmello Torres - percussion
Hector Munoz - percussion
Chris Searles - drums

Set One
1. Thirteen Years Theme
2. Baby's Got New Plans
3. Always A Friend
4. Sister Lost Soul intro
5. Sister Lost Soul
6. Juarez
7. Rosalie
8. Sensitive Boys
9. Chelsea Hotel '78
10. Real Animal
11. People (We're Only Gonna Live So Long)
12. Everybody Loves Me

Set Two
1. Thirteen Years Theme
2. Velvet Guitar
3. Orchestra introduction
4. Castanets
5. Golden Age of Rock & Roll (Mott the Hoople, 1st time played)
6. Too Little Too Late (Doug Sahm)
7. Slow Down
8. Sway intro
9. Sway (Rolling Stones)

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