Alejandro Escovedo & The Sensitive Boys
Le Divan du Monde
Paris, France

24 June 2012

A Dutchbird production (recording, photos & covers)

Soundboard-> Edirol R-09HR [16bit/44.kHz]
No editing except volumes and fades

A great rocking show from a beatiful old theatre in Paris, le Divan du Monde, once the stomping ground
of poet Charles Beaudelaire.
I was in the theatre before the audience got in, so apart from talking with Alejandro for a while I had
the opportunity to look around.
The staff was expecting me and they were very helpful. Thank you Mike for making this possible.

The audience was international. People had come from all places to see this show: we had come over from
the Netherlands, but we also met fans from Belgium and Germany, some making it a weekend in Paris. Also
a few Americans who happened to be in Paris were in the audience. All in all a good atmosphere with a well
behaved and enthusiastic crowd.

After Chelsea Hotel '78 Alejandro suggested Part People, but somebody in the audience called out for Big Station.
Alejandro agreed and asked the caller to join him on stage. That turned out to be Marc, who had come over from the
south of France for this show. Marc has his own band, which explained the confidence he had on stage.

After the show we went out for diner with fellow Dimer Bulle75 and Marc. We talked about the show, guitars and music
for such a long time that the waitress tactfully indicated we had to leave by presenting us the cheque. By that time
it was after midnight and we all had to get up early next day, either to travel home or to work (or both).

Next time I hope to see Alejandro in my own town, which will likely be in February 2013 when a northern European
tour is planned.

Alejandro Escovedo - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Billy White - electric guitar, backing vocals
Bobby Daniel - bass, backing vocals
Chris Searles - drums, backing vocals

* Marc Piola Caselli backing vocals

First Set [01:03:55]
01. Intro-> song intro
02. Sally Was A Cop
03. Song intro
04. Bottom Of The World
05. Story-> song intro
06. San Antonio Rain
07. Song intro
08. Sensitive Boys
09. Band intros-> song intro
10. Down In The Bowery
11. Can't Make Me Run
12. Man Of The World
13. One More Time
14. Like A Hurricane
15. Everybody Loves Me

Second Set [00:43:53]
01. Second set intro
02. This Bed Is Getting Crowded
03. Anchor
04. Tender Heart
05. I Wanna Be Your Dog-> Chelsea Hotel '78
06. Band intros-> Marc comes on stage
07. Big Station *
08. Story-> song intro
09. Castanets
10. Crowd-> song intro
11. Sabor A Mi
12. Always A Friend