Alejandro Escovedo
March 01, 2013
Dosey Doe Big Barn
The Woodlands, Texas

Dustin Welch opening

Source 1: Audience [Rode NT4 Stereo MIC]
Source 2: Onstage [Apex Condenser Mic x 2]
Source 3: Soundboard [Main House Mix]
->Tascam DR-680 [44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]
Taped by Joshua Cain, mixed in Audacity by scdegraaf

When checking Alejandro's touring schedule I saw last night he'd play at a venue Joshua regularly goes to.
I asked him whether he'd plan to go. Here's the result, couldn't have been any faster.

The audience at Dosey Doe is used to quiet acoustic shows. Alejandro jokingly said they announced themselves as an acoustic band,
but that he had he lied to get the gig. He started with Castanets, a song he usually does later in the set. Now the audience knew it
would not be the easy listening shows they are accustomed at.Did they mind. To judge by their response not in the least. Later Alejandro
did some ballads, but he ended as he started: loud!

New lead guitar player for me, Ricky Ray Jackson, who also plays pedal steel. When I hear pedal steel I'm sold,
so I think it's a very nice additinal sound to the band.

Alejandro Escovedo- vocals, guitar
Ricky Ray Jackson- guitar, pedal steel
Bobby Daniel- bass, backing vocals
Chris Searles- drums

Setlist [01:17:24]

1. Opening words
2. Alejandro's opening words
3. Castanets
4. Song intro
5. Arizona
6. Tender Heart
7. Band intros-> song intro
8. Anchor
9. Song intro
10. San Antonio Rain
11. Song intro
12. Bottom Of The World
13. Banter & false start
14. Sensitive Boys
15. Song intro
16. Wave
17. Can't Make Me Run
18. Banter
19. Big Station
20. Crowd-> banter
21. Sway [Richards/Jagger]
22. Always A Friend