Alejandro Escovedo & The Sensitive Boys
St. Bonaventure's Parish Social Club
Bristol, UK

11th July, 2012

Well what an odd and very popular venue this is. The room itself seems setup in totally the wrong way, but this means nobody is further than about 15 yards from the stage,
albeit some at a very strange angle.

Alejandro and his new Sensitive Boys hit the stage unannounced, not many minutes after Amy Speace had finished her slot.
This shows in the fact that I missed the start of "Sally Was A Cop" due to taking a comfort break (and a smoke). Judging by the way some of the crowd reacted to the ferocity of this show,
I believe some of the audience were recently converted to Alejandros' music on his most recent acoustic tour with David Pulkingham.
They were sadly mistaken if they thought this was a repeat performance as they came out all guns blazing. The new members of Sensitive Boys have settled in well and Billy White excels on the rockier songs.

I love this side of Alejandro, but then again there isn't a side of him that I don't.

Download, share freely, and enjoy.

Source: Sony M10, Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 mics [24 bit/96 kHz]
Edited with SoundForge 9.0 [eq., volumes & dithering to 16bit/44.1kHz]
Track splits CD Wave Editor, encoding to FLAC 8 & checksum Trader's Little Helper

Recorded by badger57, mastered by scdegraaf

Artwork included

Alejandro Escovedo - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Billy White - electric guitar, backing vocals
Bobby Daniel - bass, backing vocals
Chris Searles - drums, backing vocals

* w/Amy Speace backing vocals

Disc One [01:06:04]
1. Sally Was A Cop
2. Anchor
3. Man Of The World
4. Tender Heart
5. Song intro
6. Sister Lost Soul
7. Song intro
8. Bottom Of The World
9. Song intro
10. San Antonio Rain
11. Song intro
12. Sensitive Boys
13. Song intro
14. Down In The Bowery
15. Can't Make Me Run
16. I Wanna Be Your Dog-> Chelsea Hotel '78

Disc Two [27:24]
1. Always A Friend *
2. Song intro
3. Sabor A Ti *
4. Crowd-> song intro
5. One More Time
6. Like A Hurricane