Alejandro Escovedo & The Sensitive Boys
Live at The Continental Club,
Austin, Texas
May 27, 2014

Recorded by Dave Prewitt for
8 Channel mix provided by Jamie Wellwarth and Ben Richardson
Recorded on a Zoom R16

MANY Thanks again to the amazing Mike Thompson for arranging the recording and for being one hell of a guy to have on your team.

Alejandro Escovedo- vocals, guitar
Jon Sanchez- electric guitar
Bobby Daniel- bass
Matt Strimska- drums

Backing vocals: Karla Mazur & Grace Park

1. Tender Heart
2. Castanets
3. Everybody Loves Me
4. Dear Head On The Wall
5. Bottom Of The World
6. San Antonio Rain
7. Sensitive Boys
8. Can't Make Me Run
9. Arizona
10. Like A Hurricane <Neil Young>
11. All The Young Dudes <David Bowie>

12. Can't Make Me Run (soundcheck)
13. Bottom Of The World (soundcheck)

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