Alejandro Escovedo & Joe Ely
with Susan Voelz
City Winery, Chicago
August 28, 2014

Lineage: Performers on stage > Edirol R-09HR > My Mac and some massaging
(spoken tracks only) and tracking in Ocenaudio > The usual tagging and
SBE fixing and FFPing and glaaayyyyvin in xAct > Whoosh up to you people

01 Show intro
02 "Five Hearts Breaking" intro
03 Five Hearts Breaking
04 "Silver City" intro
05 Silver City
06 "San Antonio Rain" intro
07 San Antonio Rain
08 Lubbock cowboy story
09 All Just to Get to You
10 "Bottom of the World" intro
11 Bottom of the World
12 "Not That Much Has Changed" intro
13 Not That Much Has Changed
14 "Sally Was a Cop" intro
15 Sally Was a Cop
16 Ranches and Rivers
17 "Broken Bottle" false start
18 Broken Bottle
19 "A Little Like Love" intro
20 A Little Like Love
21 "Rosalie" false start
22 Rosalie
23 "You Can Bet I'm Gone" intro
24 You Can Bet I'm Gone
25 The Swallows of San Juan
26 The Highway Is my Home
27 Sabor a Mi
28 "Live Forever" intro
29 Live Forever
30 Encore break
31 Blowin' Down That Old Dusty Road
32 Outro applause

If you missed natty714's gorgeous capture of Escovedo and Ely's Franklin, Tenn.,
show (the end of the brief tour), you can find it at

Travel plans for the holiday prevented me from going to the Friday show, but
these Chicago shows sold out fast -- this was the first of the two nights, and
I was nervous about my spot halfway back in the cavernous City Winery room. But
although all I did was guess at a level, my little shirt-pocket Edirol *nailed*
this one. As always on these acoustic nights, I bring up the poorly amplified
conversation between songs, but I didn't touch the music (which is why the intro
tracks are separated out), and the Edirol not only scored nice levels but managed
some pretty nice room ambiance and stereo separation. Although this isn't quite
as fine as natty714's capture, I feel exactly the same way as he says in his
notes -- all of the conditions I had no control over cooperated for a really
solid recording.

Gorgeous, amazing performance. There's a lot of overlap in the set list with
the Franklin show, but a handful of songs are unique to each set. Susan Voelz
is a treat; she's been working with Alejandro for at least a quarter of a
century now, of course, but the solos she did on Joe's songs were pretty fine,
too, including some work that turned "Ranches and Rivers" into a real western
swing romp. Even if you grabbed the Franklin show, and you should, this one
is a pretty fine companion.

Thanks as always to all the archivists and first and foremost to the musicians
themselves; remember to swing by the merch table after every gig -- think of it as
a tip jar that hands you a t-shirt or CD back. How many tip jars do that for you?

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