Alejandro Escovedo & Joe Ely
Franklin Theater
Franklin, Tennessee

Audio Technica 943 (cardioid) > SP-SPSB-1 > Sony PCM-M10 > Audition CS6 > TLH (SBE's, FLAC encoding, etc)

00. Emcee Intro
01. Intro
02. Five Hearts Broken - AE
03. Flood On Our Hands - JE
04. San Antonio Rain - AE
05. The Highway Is My Home - JE
06. Wave - AE
07. Ranches And Rivers - JE
08. Rosalie - AE
09. Letter To Laredo - JE
10. The Swallows Of San Juan - AE
11. I Saw It In You - JE
12. Sally Was A Cop - AE
13. All Just To Get To You - JE
14. Chelsea Hotel '78 - AE
15. Silver City - JE
16. By Eleven - AE
17. Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown - JE
18. Broken Bottle - AE
19. Blowin' Down This Old Dusty Road - JE & AE
-encore break-
20. Bottom Of The World - AE
21. Live Forever - JE

Alejandro Escovedo - guitar, vocals
Joe Ely - guitar, vocals
Susan Voelz - violin, vocals

This show was the last of a 'mini-tour' and was worth so much more than the cost of admission - not that I have a problem with cheap tickets! The stories, singing and music were all simply beautiful. Additionally, the chance to see such high caliber performers, all on one stage, in such an intimate setting, doesn't come often. I sincerely hope these guys (and their lady friend) get together again.

On another note, the Franklin Theater is a fantastic venue with excellent acoustics. It's spacious, it's comfortable, and it sounds great and the staff are all friendly and helpful! Also, there's FREE PARKING!!! I can't remember the last time I didn't have to pay at least $10 for parking...

About the recording: I don't generally rave about recordings I make, not publicly at least (at home I drive my kids crazy listening to them over and over) but this time, I'm gonna do just that. This one has amazing sound! It's one of those rare 'stealth jobs' that is so sonically pleasing that you'll quickly forget you're listening to music that was recorded with a couple of microphones, discretely taped to a concert attendee's body. I can't take much credit for this - it's mostly due to good location, a respectful audience and a sound tech that obviously had the room dialed in just right. For the most part, I just had to keep my mouth shut and not clap too loudly. There were no edits or cuts made to the recording. I just tracked it and FLAC'ed it. All else aside, to my ears, this is probably the nicest recording I've ever managed to pull and one of the nicest audience recordings I've heard in a long while. If you're a fan of any of these performers, this one's not to be missed.


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