Alejandro Escovedo and Joe Ely
Evanston Space, Evanston, Ill.
August 28, 2015

Master, Edirol R09-HR, levels adjusted as needed; see below for details

01 Intro
02 Letter to Laredo
03 Intro, Five Hearts Breaking
04 Five Hearts Breaking
05 A Little Like Love
06 San Antonio Rain
07 Intro, Homeland Refugee
08 Homeland Refugee
09 Intro, Wave
10 Wave
11 A Thousand Miles From Home
12 Intro, Bottom of the World
13 Bottom of the World
14 Intro, Borderless Love
15 Borderless Love
16 Intro, Sally Was a Cop
17 Sally Was a Cop
18 Magdalene
19 Intro, Across the River
20 Across the River
21 Queen of Heaven
22 Always a Friend
23 Cool Rockin' Loretta
24 Encore applause
25 Les Paul tuning story
26 Intro, Chelsea Hotel '78
27 Chelsea Hotel '78
28 Blowin' Down That Dusty Road, outro applause

Fantastic acoustic set from Alejandro and Joe; I've mentioned elsewhere that it
sometimes feels like Joe in particular has a Chicago set list, but we got a few
surprises here, including the starting "Letter to Laredo," the energetic "Queen
of Heaven," a Guy Clark cover from his upcoming album, and the set-closing "Cool
Rockin' Loretta." He also sang harmony and played a few leads on Al's songs; it
took a while, but Al reciprocated nicely. Still, that jam on "Loretta" and the
encore "Blowin' Down That Road" were the biggest treats of a pretty fine night.

As with acoustic shows in general and, in my experience, Joe in particular, there
are a lot of dynamics issues, from pindrop quiet to hammered guitar strings, along
with the issue of the talk being quieter than the music. The talk here has been
amplified by from 4 dB to 8 dB. A few claps and ambient bar noises were reduced by
up to 3 dB. Once those adjustments were complete, the entire file was amplified by
2 dB. Listening over both earbuds on the laptop and Airplay on my Yamaha receiver,
there's one brief spot where the noise floor has a touch of hum, but only that one
transition was noticeable.

If you missed them, two shows from last year's Al and Joe tour were posted here.
The Franklin, Tenn., show was captured beautifully by natty714 and still has a
seed at ; my capture of
the show two nights earlier at City Winery here in Chicago has fallen off the
tracker, but I'd have no trouble reseeding if anyone wants it.

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