Alejandro Escovedo and Joe Ely
Evanston Space, Evanston, Ill.
August 29, 2015

Master, Edirol R09-HR, levels adjusted as needed; see below for details

01 Intro
02 Silver City
03 Intro to San Antonio Rain
04 San Antonio Rain
05 Stubbs trailer story
06 Working for the Man
07 Intro to Bottom of the World
08 Bottom of the World
09 Intro to Not That Much Has Changed
10 Not That Much Has Changed
11 Intro to Down in the Bowery
12 Down in the Bowery
13 Intro to Magdalene
14 Magdalene
15 Amsterdam
16 First Baptist Church story
17 The Highway Is my Home
18 Driving backward story
19 Intro to Sally Was a Cop
20 Sally Was a Cop
21 Intro to Coyotes Are Howling ("never played in public")
22 Coyotes Are Howling
23 Wave
24 Imagine Houston
25 Intro to Chelsea Hotel '78
26 Chelsea Hotel '78
27 Banter, intro to Live Forever
28 Live Forever
29 False start to About This Love
30 Across the River
31 Blowin' Down That Dusty Road
32 Encore applause
33 Request time, Musta Notta snippet
34 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
35 White Freight Liner Blues

Another great night from our heroes, and while there's some overlap in the set
lists over the two nights, there are plenty of new songs as well, including
"Coyotes Are Howling" from the upcoming "Panhandle Rambler," which Joe says he's
never played in public. The rare "Imagine Houston" pops up, as does Bob Dylan's
"Just Like Tom Thumb Blues" and some pretty funny improvised verses in "Blowin'
Down That Dusty Road." Al starts "About This Love" but loses track about halfway
through, and while folks are shouting out requests before the encores, Joe hears
"Musta Notta Gotta Lotta" and does just the first line. It sounded great and I
think he could've pulled it off, but not to be.

As always with these acoustic shows with lots of mumbly stories, I amplify the
mumbling as needed, reduce some clapping and bar noises, and normalize. Al was
extra mumbly this night and the little extra bit of background noise on those
sections is just something we'll have to live with. There was some clipping in
the house sound while Al was using his distorted mike for Chelsea Hotel '78. And
the table next to mine got a bit chatty a couple of times. The most distracting
is while they're ordering drinks during Joe's intro to the first song, though,
and, well, it's a bar, y'know?

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