Alen Toussaint
Royce Hall
Los Angeles, CA
March 6, 2010
Genre: Singer Songwriter
Quality A- (Cougher in Track 10)
Lineage: Schoeps mk4 > Actives > NBox > Edirol(24 bit) > Goldwave (Compression, Volume Boost, Dither 5ms delay) > Media Monkey (Flac Conversion)
Location: Center Left 20th Row
Upped by Scooter

When the name Alen Toussaint comes to mind, I think "living legend."
His songs include "Working in the Coalmine", "Ride Your Pony",
"Fortune Teller", "Brickyard Blues", "Get Out Of My Life Woman",
"Southern Nights," "Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky",
"I'll Take a Melody" and "Mother-in-Law." His songs have been
covered by Iron Butterfly, Jerry Garcia, Paul Butterfield Blues
Band, The Band, Little Feat, Bonnie Rait, Robert Palmer, Three
Dog Night, Boz Scaggs, The Doors, The Pointer Sisters, Derek Trucks,
Ringo Star, and Devo.

This concert was a pleasant one man show with Alen Toussaint playing his
old familiar songs and reminiscing about the songs, the players and life
in New Orleans. During Mr. Mardis Gras, he went about the crowd and threw
Mardis Gras trinkets, so if you are wondering what the pre-recorded music is
all about that is it.

Of special note--For about 10 minutes, Alen performed "Southern Nights"
and during the performance imparted a wonderful, sweet, touching tale
of his boyhood in Louisiana when he and his father traveled to Creole Country
to visit his Aunt, as he listened to stories around the wrap-around porch.
I can't do it justice here but that song and story is worth this download
alone and may bring tears to your eyes.

Set List:

1. Concert Introduction
2. Happy Times
3. Banter
4. Sweet Touch of Love
5. Banter
6. Just a Song
7. Brickyard Blues
8. Sneaking Sally
9. Banter
10. Singing the Blues
11. St James Infirmary
12. Blue Drag
13. A Certain Girl > Mother in Law > Fortune Teller > Working in a Coal Mine > A Certain Girl
14. Banter
15. What Do You Want the Girl to Do (For Boz Scaggs)
16. Banter
17. Get Out of My Life Woman
18. We Are America
19. Yes We Can
20. Mr. Mardis Gras (Trinket Give-A-Way)
21. Southern Nights (For Glen Campbell)
22. Banter
23. Long Long Journey

TT: 1:17

This recording goes out to Sam Anthony aka Sam Salamone, one of the best keyboard
players ever (A monster on the B-3) and who remains Alen Toussaint's number one fan.
If someone could get this to Sam, I would very much appreciate it.