The infamous radio station KUT interview from Austin Texas, November 1978 on the ‘Rock of ages’ radio show presented by Neil Ruttenberg.

This interview preceded two shows that could have been a kind of post 3rd LP Big Star reunion complete with Jody Stephens, but Andy Hummel backed out. It was particularly notorious for the inclusion of ‘Riding thru the reich’ but the whole interview is worth hearing, with great acoustic renditions of some then-current favourites. It is almost like a surprisingly sober re-run of the earlier Memphis radio show billed as being by ’Sister Lovers’, complete with girly backing-vocals. This was virtually concurrent with the release of like flies on sherbet. Superb radio.

01 Interview
02 Rock hard
03 Interview (“Chris was a homosexual”)
04 Riding thru the reich
05 Interview (“Jim Dickinson, my staff rapist”)
06 Wimoweh
07 Interview (“They’re not called punk rockers, they’re called wimps”)
08 I’ve had it
09 Interview (“I was really so glad that she died”)
10 Mo more the moon shines on lorena
11 Interview (“It’s lighting up like a christmas tree”)
12 Waltz across Texas
13 Lily marlene
14 Interview (“You texans know what it is when you gotta go to the bathroom”)
15 The way i walk (cuts)

Backing vocals by Donna Rose, Stephanie Chernikowski, and Susan Bunn

Note - ‘Riding thru the reich’ was recorded in the studio for the ‘Like flies on sherbet’ LP, but producer Jim Dickinson - no shrinking violet - was so appalled, and wary of it’s likely reception that he apparently wiped the tapes. Will it one day emerge? I, for one, rather hope so.

Originally captured (by me) from a digital source online, burnt to CD-R and ripped to FLAC via Xact. Origins of the digital source are unknown.