1. Little Whores Boogie
2. That�s the way I like it
3. Come on now
4. Dateless Nite
5. Sheila
6. Throw your mask away
7. Pretty woman (1)
8. Tear your playhouse down
9. Wild wild women
10. Double shot of my baby�s love
11. Ubangi stomp
12. Rock therapy
13. let�s play house
14. Girl after girl
15. Mona
16. Train kept a rollin�
17. Feel alright
18. Red river rock
19. Purple haze
20. Pretty Woman (2)
21. Just a little bit longer
22. California sun
23. Brown sugar
24. Cocaine
25. All my heart
26. Pretty woman (3)
27. Let�s dance
28. Riding through the reich
29. Pretty woman (4)

�Live Down South� - Volume one

Alex Chilton, Tav Falco, Ross Johnson, (Chris Stamey - played on the first of the two nights)

This was not a Panther Burns gig, but a residency in Austin Texas in March 1979 which Alex played using Tav and Ross as his group. Stamey played the first night and quit in disgust at the lack of rehearsal (Alex�s intention all along). He also did a radio show (not included) during which he caused outrage by playing Riding Through The Reich. The performance is on the edge of insanity, its manic energy similar to his work on Like Flies On Sherbet but live. This is pure deranged Memphis rockabilly complete with slapback echo on the vocals. Quality is not perfect, but is in keeping with the performance - a must for devotees of Alex.

Digitised from cassette to CD-R, ripped To FLAC via Toast Titanium