Alex Chilton - 1985 FM Broadcast (Exact date unknown) Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

A fantastic performance, and very good recording, of a set from Alex Chilton during a particularly creative period when his European record label New Rose were regularly issuing new product from him. The presence of such gems as Motel Blues (which he regularly covered when with Big Star), Brian Wilson’s Honkin’ Down The Highway and Thank You John make this recording really special - I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have.


01 - ti na ni na nu
02 - thank you john
03 - motel blues
04 - in the street
05 - honkin’ down the highway
06 - let me get close to you
07 - lost my job
08 - dust my broom
09 - nobody’s fool
10 - i’m gonna make you mine
11 - the look of love

If anyone can make a more accurate determination of the date, please comment!

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