Alex Chilton
Cat's Cradle
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Undoubtedly the greatest version of Dalai Lama I ever heard, with a wonderful introduction too - Yes LX, Sgt Bilko is just like the Dalai Lama!

soundboard recording

lineage: unknown recording gear —> TG’s master tape —> unknown dubbing gear —> dB’s Fan’s first-generation tape —> digital transfer from Sony TC-KE400S tape deck —> JVC XL-R5000 stand-alone CD burner —> digital tracking, editing, normalization & volume adjustment in Audacity —> you

01 [cuts in] Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo
02 In the Street
03 Rock Hard
04 B-A-B-Y
05 Thing for You
06 Make a Little Love
07 Volare
08 Thank You, John
09 Disco Lady
10 Lost My Job
11 Bangkok
12 Goldfinger
13 September Gurls
14 Come By Here
15 Little G.T.O.
16 No Sex
17 Take It Off
18 [LX reads Dalai Lama news item]
19 Dalai Lama

Alex Chilton – vocals, guitar
Doug Garrison – drums
Ron Easley – bass, vocals

HEAPS O’ THANKS to TG for taping, to dB’s Fan for sharing his first-generation tape, to Robinbrevard for the digital transfer & editing, and to the beleaguered sound guy at Cat’s Cradle who took so much grief from LX (the worst of which was edited out), without replying in kind.