Alex Chilton & Teenage Fanclub, 1996-04-08, 13th note Glasgow, (Beat Patrol Radio Scotland) By Request.

I would have thought most fans had this by now, but it has been requested and it’s a great show. It is often thought that this came from ’93, immediately after the radio show posted here but a little research shows that monday the 8th of april, as mentioned in the intro (track one) fell in 1996, so clearly Alex came back to do this - he was known to have visited Glasgow number of times, having found friends and collaborators and his wife visited only recently to retrace the late LX’s footsteps.

He actually played two nights at the 13th Note, and two sets at each, but I have never come across tapes of the other night - included here are unreleased snippets from the second set first night, presumably broadcast at a slightly later date to the rest of this show (tracks 18 - 20) the other tracks from this, briefer, set were released by local Glasgow record label Shoeshine Records and are not included here.


01 Intro + September Gurls
02 I Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)
03 My Heart Stood Still
04 Patti Girl
05 Any Way the Wind Blows
06 Walk Right Back
07 Free Again
08 Telstar
10 Dark End of the Street
11 What Do You Know About Love
12 All Your Lovin'
13 Life's a Gas
14 Waltz Across Texas
15 Wooly Bully
16 Hey! Little Child
17 radio outro
18 intro (late set) + My Baby Just Cares for Me
19 Good Night, My Love
20 radio outro 2nd set

Sourced from CD-r ripped to flacs via Xact