Alex Taylor with "Friends and Neighbors"

Fantastic Southern Rock and Roll and R�n�B.These boys rock.

A FM Broadcast from early �72 opening for the Allman Brothers Band

Alex Taylor is James Taylor�s brother who was with Capricorn Records back then.
He made 2 Records back then.
The Touring Band was "Friends and neighbours" which was THE Band. Later on they backed up Dr.John !!

Alex Taylor vocals w/

Chuck Leavell piano
Paul Hornsby organ
Charlie Hayward bass
Bill Steward drums
Lou Moullenix drums
Jimmy Nalls guitars Jimmy is on fire!
Speedo percussion

THIS SHOW IS HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don�t need no doctor
Who�s been talkin�
When this battle is over
Good mornin� Miss Brown
From a Buick Six
Night Owl
Who will the next fool be
Going down

Enjoy the Show !!

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