"ALIANZA" Chelsea Centre 1992-11-29, aud cassette master - first ever transfer FLAC

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Alianza were a unique Anglo-Chilean collaboration between three English musicians, Steve Knightley, Phil Beer, and Dave Townsend, and three exiled Chilean musicians, Sergio Avila, Mauricio Venegas and Vladimir Vega. The group sought out the common rhythms, themes and melodies to produce a blend of songs in English, songs in Spanish and songs in both languages, and dance music from both sides of the Atlantic. The group produced one album Alianza in 1992, which included a number of songs that later became part of the repertoire of Show of Hands, the folk duo formed by Steve Knightley and Phil Beer.

Sadly, Vladimir Vega died last year, he was a great guy and a good friend.

Mauricio Venegas is still very much involved with Anglo-Chilean music collaboration in education and his band Quimantu.

01 intro
02 Valparaiso - tells story of contact between England and Chile by trade over last 200 years using English and Chilean traditional songs, and was put together as a continuous piece.
03 outro

01 intro
02 Torros
03 Banter
04 Tall Ships
05 Banter
06 Chinchuro
07 Banter
08 Danya
09 Banter
10 Santiago
11 Banter
12 Banish misfortune/Diablo
13 Banter
14 ?
15 Banter
16 Columbus didn't find America/?
17 Banter
18 Nonesuch
19 Banter
20 Paloma

Alianza was - (all singing)

Phil Beer Fiddle, Guitarra, Mandolin
Steve Knightly Cello-mandolin
Dave Townsend Accordion, Concertina
Mauricio Venegas Bombo, Chajchas, Charango, Congas, Guitarra, Kena, Maracas, Moceno, Percussion, Zampona
Vladimir Vega Charango, Kena, Tiple, Zampona
Sergio Avila Bombo, Kena, Kenacho, Moceno, Zampona