Alice Coltrane's Final Performance
Masonic Center, San Francisco
Nov. 4, 2006

Source: AUD-C

Alice Coltrane, piano and harp
Ravi Coltrane, saxophone
Charlie Haden, bass
Roy Haynes, drums

This show was taped by Royboy and passed along to me to clean up and seed. Roy had set-up problems during the first piece performed, with lots of stops, starts and mic noise. I found it unlistenable and cut it from the torrent, so Disc One starts with what is called Track 05. I also normalized the volume, cut out some loud screams and heavy-handed clapping that were right on mic. What follows is Roy's description of his equipment and the post-show.

--- Cary

I was sitting in the 8th row directly in front of alice. row h seat 9. equipment used was a sony wm-d3 walkman professional cassette recorder. 2 maxell mx metal cassettes. sony pc-62 stereo mic. transferred from cassette to disc using tascam 112 hx pro mastering tape deck to sony rcd-500c to a dell 1501 inspiron laptop burner. the mic was clipped to the collar of my shirt.

after the show I met ravi coltrane, autographs and conversation. talked to charlie haden but he was so worried (with good reason) about his bass, he said he'd be back, some stage hand came back and said he's sorry, but he decided to leave with his bass. roy haynes I never saw hide nor hare of. . . I waited out front of the masonic center. 2 years earlier I saw sonny rollins there, waited 1 1/2 hours but met him and autographs and conversation followed. so i'm out front, and some guy asks if i'm waiting? I told my sonny story, so he waited with me. about 45 minutes to an hour ravI and alice coltrane came out to get in their limo. we approached her, she was very gracious, and ravI seemed to beam, that people wanted to meet his mom. we talked for a few minutes, got some autographs and we were all on our own paths, but the gathering of spirits happened. this past week when I found out she passed, I felt kind of weird. I figured people would like to hear the show.