Artist: Alice Cooper Group
Pretties for You Demos 1969
Source: Studio Outtakes (unknown for extra tracks)
SQ: OK (quality drops with the extra tracks)


MD5 file included


01. Reflected 2:47
02. Sing Low Sweet Cheerio 4:17
03. Apple Bush 3:30
04. Nobody Likes Me (different from box set version"The Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper") 4:17
05. Changing Arranging 3:09
06. Levity Ball (not included same as box set version)
07. Fields of Regret 4:42

Extra tracks:

08. Living (maybe part of PFY demos but I got it from a different source and sq is
different than first 7 tracks)
09. As Tears Go By (rehearsal) 3:24
10. I'm a Man (rehearsal) 3:11
11. Talk Talk (rehearsal) 2:33

If anyone has a better version, an upgrade would be most welcome.

Enjoy and please share freely.

It's a reseed from Taurus sometimes ago.

Some greats early demos and rehearsals from Alice cooper.