Alice Cooper
"Love It To Death" Demos

In 1970, after their first two albums on Straight Records, the band was teamed up, by the insistence
of their new label master Warner Bros. Records, with fledging producer Bob Ezrin for their third album,
the final of three in their original Straight Records contract, to be entitled Love It to Death. This
album would be the first of 8 Alice Cooper group and solo albums done with Ezrin who is credited with
having helped create and develop the band's definitive sound. Their first hit single soon followed, 1971's
"I'm Eighteen". The band's trailblazing mix of glam and increasingly violent stage theatrics stood out
amongst bearded, denim-clad hippy bands by sporting tight sequined costumes by the prominent rock fashion
designer Cindy Dunaway (Pink Floyd, The Who), and stage shows that involved mock fights and Gothic
torture modes being imposed on Cooper whose androgynous stage role now incorporated a villainous side
posing a threat to society. With Cooper needing to be punished for his immoral ways, the first execution
instrument was incorporated into the show - the Electric Chair. Cooper's outspoken views on the Vietnam
War stood out no less, as Cooper was always staunchly pro-war in stark contrast to the vast majority
of musicians at the time, who were rebelliously anti-war. The success of the band's single, the album,
and their tour of 1971, which saw their first tour of Europe to massive success (audience members
reportedly included Elton John and David Bowie), was enough encouragement for Warner Bros. to offer
them a new multi-album contract.

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01_Is It My Body
02_Is It My Body (with extended jam)
03_Sun Arise
04_I'm Eighteen
05_Short Jam Bit
06_Second Coming
07_Black Juju

Her some great Demos from this first period.and the best for me.The alternate version of I'm eighteen is wonderfull
Thanks for the first seeder.