Alice Cooper
The Rooster Tail
Detroit, MI, USA

March 1, 1971

01 Caught In A Dream (2:59)
02 I'm Eighteen (4:39)
03 Is It My Body (incorporating "My Very Own") (7:21)
04 Slick Black Limousine (Removed; Officially Released)
05 Sun Arise (4:54)
06 Second Coming (3:22)
07 Ballad Of Dwight Fry (7:14)
08 Black Juju (11:24)

TT - 41:56

Confirmed lossless with TLH

Got this recently from a kind fellow trader. This is apparently a radio broadcast and sound is quite good although there is quite a lot of tape hiss. However, any recordings of the original Alice Cooper band are always welcome as far as I'm concerned.

Vincent Furnier (Alice Cooper) - Lead Vocals
Glen Buxton - Lead Guitar
Michael Bruce - Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Dennis Dunaway - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Neal Smith - Drums, Backing Vocals

Desperately seeking the following shows from this tour so if anyone has them and would be kind enough to post then that would be greatly appreciated.

1971-07-09 (or 10) Paramount Northwest, Seattle, WA
1971-07-23 The Barn, Peoria, IL
1971-09-12 Sportatorium, Hollywood, FL
1971-11-06 Rainbow Theatre, London, UK