Alice Cooper
December 12, 1971
Toledo, Ohio
The Toledo Sports Arena

I recorded this in the audience on a General Electric mono cassette recorder with external mic.
Master cassette is gone.

Dubbed the cassette onto one mono track of a 3M Scotch 111 5" reel on a Sears stereo reel-to-reel at 3 3/4 ips circa early 1972. While I don't remember how much play the original cassette received, the reel has received heavy play throughout the years until I made this digital copy.

Digital copy made in 2001
Playback machine: TEAC A-2340 4-track 7" reel
Straight to computer with Sound Blaster card
Software: Steinberg Wavelab 4.0

I don't remember exactly but, considering the sound of the source reel, I surely did some volume and transient peak adjustments and likely applied some EQ. I don't think I used any noise reduction but it's a good possibility. Likewise, I might have applied some other minimal processing.

I originally posted this on my website a few years ago so, it's already out there. I figured I'd propagate it a bit more with a torrent. Torrent and all files made with Traders's Little Helper November 2012.

It was designed from scans of the original tape box.
- front cover (which features an ad for the show from The Toledo Blade newspaper)
- inside liner notes
- back cover (the gallows photo is NOT the Toledo show)
- tray showing the reel (for a clear tray)

TIME: 65:29

01. Intro *
02. Be My Lover
03. You Drive Me Nervous
04. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
05. I'm Eighteen
06. Halo Of Flies
07. Is It My Body
08. Dead Babies
09. Killer **
10. Long Way To Go ***
11. Under My Wheels

* Track 01 - Note the MC's announcement about throwing things on stage. It was at this same venue, two years later in Dec.1973, that the band stopped the show after only a couple of songs because someone threw firecrackers on stage. They didn't return to the stage to finish the show.

** Track 09 - I don't remember where the original cassette side change occurred but I think it was at 4:40 on this track.

*** Track 10 - Extends into a jam of the "School's Out" riff.

On a side note, this recording is quite special to me. It was the third concert I ever attended. All three being in 1971 with The Stooges and The Guess Who for the first two. But, more so, this was the first of many concerts I would record and I've enoyed it often over 40 years.