Dear "Dime" Members,
We would like once again to share more new uncirculated Audience Masters from our friends in Europe.

So inspired by these words every week by "Team Lampinski"-Always remember - "the more generous you are with your music, the more it comes back to you".
With that in mind we now present the WILLIAM TELL EDITIONS(WTE).
"William Tell" is the name of the person who is providing the recordings and transfers of his various friends in the "European Taping Community".
Several tapers including "William Tell" himself have recorded a wide range of various artists from the 70's, 80's and beyond.
It is these recordings we would like to dedicate to Dan Lampinski and his "Team" for all they shared with us.

Also i would like to ask those that still have such "treasures" tucked away,
to please consider sharing them the way these generous people have.
None of us are getting any younger and what good will any of your recordings be when your DEAD!

So Ladies & Gentleman, Brothers & Sisters, Boys & Girls,
For your entertainment & "earjoyment"
I present to you;


Zofingen, Switzerland

w/Special Guests;FLO & EDDIE

This is the last night of 20 dates on their European Tour promoting the "School's Out" release.

Recorded by; "Judge Free"

Recorded on; AGFA Fe Master Cassettes>Phillips Deck(Mono)>second generation EL3302

Recording provided by; "William Tell"

All editing by "tonsofsobs"

Uploaded by; "Lucifer Burns"

See IMPORTANT lineage notes below*


1. Swiss Introduction
2. English Introduction
3. Public Animal #9
4. Caught In A Dream/Under My Wheels
5. Be My Lover
6. Eighteen
7. Is It My Body?/My Very Own
8. Halo Of Files
9. Gutter Cat Vs The Jets(Cuts Off)
10. (Cuts In)Street Fight/Killer
11. School's Out
12. Hard Day's Night#@

#Beatles Cover
@W/Special Guests;Flo & Eddie


Vincent Furnier/Alice Cooper- Vocals/Harmonica
Glen Buxton- Lead Guitar
Michael Bruce- Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards
Dennis Dunaway- Bass
Neal Smith- Drums

Special Guest Musicians;

Howard Kaylan(Eddie)- Vocals(Ex-Turtles/Mothers Of Invention/T.Rex, Etc, Etc, Etc)
Mark Volman(Flo)- Vocals/Guitar(Ex-Turtles/Mothers Of Invention/T.Rex, Etc, Etc, Etc)

*Here Is The Orignal Lineage For The Die-Hard Collector As Well As The Average Listener;

AGFA Fe Master cassette>Nakamichi 682 ZX Cassette Tape deck(normal eq/no noise reduction)>Sony CDR-W66 Standalone CD Burner w/"super bitmapping on">CDR

CDR>Plexwriter Premium II CD-Transport>iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo with iTunes 9.2.1 into WAW>DVDR.


Feel free to remaster or matrix the show and to provide artwork (please naming source and all involved) and then please RE-SEED here on DIME and share!

Please thank the gentleman that recorded the show; "Judge Free" and his friend "William Tell" for providing the "raw file".