Alice Cooper
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Inglewood, CA
June 18, 1975
Jon Wizardo Master Tape

Lineage: Jon Wizardo Master Cassette Tape> Nakamichi Dragon> HHB CDR > CD WAV

"Jon Wizardo has given me all of the cassette tapes he recorded back in his bootleg days. Some were released, or partially released, on vinyl bootlegs, others remain unreleased.
...Some of these transfers will simply represent each side of each cassette as transferred by a friend of mine..... They are all historic recordings and I hope you enjoy them.

01 (fades in and out) Intro > Welcome To My Nightmare
02 (fades in) Years Ago Intro > No More Mr Nice Guy > Years Ago Intro Part 2
03 Billion Dollar Babies >
04 Years Ago Intro Part 3 > I'm Eighteen
05 Steven's Intro > Welcome To My Nightmare Reprise > Some Folks (faded out)
06 (fades in) Cold Ethyl
07 Only Women Bleed
08 Devil's Food > Black Widow
09 ?? (fades out)

Incomplete recording. Don't know what happened. Probably this is just part 1 of 2 tapes.
In Bowie's recording, Wizardo just found tape 2, so this is most likely, again, part 1 of the set.
Songs missing: Steven, Welcome To My Nightmare Reprise Part 2, Escape, School's Out, and Department Of Youth.
I know these are a lot of songs, but it is what it is.
The recording had many cuts which i tried to cover/fix but probably missed a few. This recording also circulates as the bootleg "Alone In His Nightmare" which i expect this to be, at the very least, an upgrade over the part that's being seeded.