Alice Cooper

Wien, AUT
1975-09-07 (september 7th)

source: audience recording
length: 78.33
quality: bad

In an effort to try and find better sources for some european Nightmareshows
I will up three poor ones. Wien, Liverpool and Paris (AUD) all sound pretty
nasty, and maybe someone has better copies. If so - please up them. It's
by far my fav tour with the Coop, ever.

Sample in the first comment.

Welcome to my nightmare
Years ago / No more mr. nice guy
Years ago / Billion $ babies
Years ago / I'm eighteen
Years ago / Some folks
Cold Ethyl
Only women bleed
Devil's food
The black widow (cut)
Welcome to my nightmare (reprise)
Escape (cut)
School's out
Department of youth

Looking for these:
* Ludwigshafen 1975-09-06 - two songs taken off TV broadcast (looking for both audio and video)
* London 1975-09-12 - second night, audience recording, should not be a dimeproblem since it was the first night that was released as a homevideo if my memory serves me right.