Alice Cooper
Turning Stone Showroom
Verona, NY
19 October, 2012

Taper: Powerage5

Lineage: Core Sound LCB mics > Edirol R-09 > Mac > Audacity (Tracking, equalizing) > Dime

01 The Underture Intro
02 Hello, Hooray
03 House Of Fire
04 No More Mr. Nice Guy
05 I'm Eighteen
06 I'll Bite Your Face Off
07 Be My Lover
08 Billion Dollar Babies
09 The Congregation
10 Hey Stoopid
11 Dirty Diamonds (Incl. drum solo)
12 Welcome To My Nightmare
13 Ballad Of Dwight Fry
14 Go To Hell
15 Brutal Planet
16 Devil's Food
17 Feed My Frankenstein
18 Raise The Dead Intro
19 Break On Through (To The Other Side)
20 Back Door Man
21 Revolution
22 Foxy Lady
23 I Can See For Miles
24 My Generation
25 Poison
26 School's Out

I'll get this out of the way up front on this recording: I'm a fan first and a taper second. I had a front row ticket pretty close to the speaker stacks, so I was in an extremely sub-optimal taping location. As such, the recording suffers from that, both in terms of the sound, and at a few points in terms of the crowd noise. I still chose to tape, and subsequently share the recording because I know that shows at Turning Stone literally never get taped, and I think everyone should be able to hear the opening night of the tour (Even if it's a bit of a rough recording). Take this for what it is - a document of the debut of a brand new tour.

Now that I've got that disclaimer out of the way, a bit of info on the show/my recording. This was my 27th Alice Cooper show and first time doing the opening night of a tour. Our table had 7 other people, about half of whom had seen Alice at least 20 times, so it was really cool to be surrounded by some other really diehard fans for this one. While it was really cool to see the opening night of a new tour, this show itself this time around leaves a lot to be desired. Many promises were made; a hugely theatrical show, a brand new execution, several new Welcome 2 My Nightmare songs, a whole segment consisting exclusively of Welcome To My Nightmare and Welcome 2 My Nightmare songs, and "something Alice has never done before". In reality, the show is almost totally devoid of any theatrics whatsoever (Other than the usual props like the crutch, the swords, and the diamond necklaces), and a show without an execution sequence (let alone a new one). The only promise that was kept was the last one, and indeed Alice has never gone out and done 6 covers in a regular show before. That being said, The Congregation sounded great live, and Hello Hooray and House Of Fire were huge surprises! And of course, at the time of writing this almost a year later - this is the ONLY time Alice has ever played I Can See For Miles!

If you've ever been to Turning Stone, you know how claustrophobic the tables are up front. Because of that, there is some chatter here and there on the recording due to my proximity to other people. There is some occasional singing along and clapping, you very much get a sense of being in the crowd on this one. I EQ-ed the bass down as much as possible, but you still get a bit of a thump whenever the kick drum is kicked - there's nothing else I could do at such close proximity to the speaker stacks. Despite it's imperfections, I hope everyone can enjoy this for what it is.

As always, don't sell or convert to lossy.