Band name: Alice Cooper
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Venue/location: The Palace Theater, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Tour name: A Paranormal Evening 2018
Recording type: Audience
Taper(s): Chickenwing
Media: Lossless; 2 CDs
Source information: Digital Master
Lineage: Zoom H2N internal X-Y microphones (16 bit, 44.1 KHZ WAV) -> mastered in Goldwave -> track splitting in Goldwave -> encoded to FLAC level 6 using Trader's Little Helper
Generation: Master
Total running time: 1:33:42 (94 minutes)

Track listing:
01. Intro (Spend the Night)
02. Brutal Planet
03. No More Mr. Nice Guy
04. Under My Wheels
05. Billion Dollar Babies
06. Be My Lover
07. Lost in America
08. Serious
09. Fallen in Love
10. Woman of Mass Distraction
11. Nita Strauss Guitar Solo
12. Poison
13. Halo of Flies
14. Drum Solo
15. Feed My Frankenstein
16. Cold Ethyl
17. Only Women Bleed
18. Paranoiac Personality
19. Ballad of Dwight Fry
20. Killer (Excerpt)
21. I Love the Dead
22. I'm Eighteen
23. Encore
24. School's Out (with a snippet of Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick in the Wall Part II')
25. Outro

Notes and comments:
Lineup: Alice Cooper
The band:
Alice Cooper � lead vocals, harmonica, guitar, percussion, synthesizer
Ryan Roxie � lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Chuck Garric � bass guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Henriksen � rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals (this guy seems to be from whichever city the band is playing in each night, don't believe Cooper's lies!)
Glen Sobel � drums, percussion
Nita Strauss � lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Recorded from balcony 2, row Y.

While I intended to tape this show anyway, Groupon made the decision far easier for me! Let this be a quick plug to grab deals on all kinds of nice tickets, food, Uber gift cards, you name it.
I rolled up on the Palace half an hour before doors open, and took the opportunity to grab a Pop Evil ticket at will call to surprise you fuckers. I spent the rest of the time chilling at a table in front of the pizza place next to the theater, which I actually have never tried. A street performer was out playing violin for a while, but unfortunately was drowned out by "Sweet Home Alabama" from the overhead PA outside the restaurant. #Jerks
I got set up inside the palace as soon as doors opened, and took the first 45 minutes or so to wrap up a few quick business emails and say good night to my son. As I was promising to call my lady after the show, the most obnoxious person on this recording fought their way down the row behind me. At first, I thought it would be the drunk guy in the lead. His two most prominently-shouted lines were "This the party section, mother fuckers," and "Hey big guy, Fuck ISIS!" I couldn't have been more wrong.
Alice started fifteen minutes late, dashing my hopes for an hour and 45 minute show from the start. However, his intro held the crowd frozen until, in an explosion of light, he stormed Louisville. His song selection was superb, in my opinion, though that shouldn't mean a thing to anyone more than a casual fan. I saw AC opening for the Crue in 2014 on their farewell tour (which was not recorded) and based on that showmanship I elected to see him headlining. I was not disappointed in the slightest. In fact, this is the first Cooper show I've heard since 2011 where Poison holds up to the Download festival version. This was also the second to last show for this leg of the tour before Alice goes off to appear in Jesus Christ Superstar, which he alluded to during the band introductions. "And playing the part of Alice Cooper tonight: "King Herod." The crowd was more frenzied than I expected, and when I later described this show I dubbed it "all the sex people could have been having at the class reunion of 1985."
I wish more of the sex-crazed freaks were around me, not for myself, but to screen me from the most irritating woman audible on any of my recordings ever. Her incessant gravelly "yeeeeeeeeahs!" can occasionally be heard throughout the set, sometimes during the prettiest moments. I spent the entirety of Nita Strauss's G3-worthy guitar solo glaring at her; she would shut up, I'd stop glaring, she'd start again, I'd start glaring, etc. It took all of my will power to keep myself from turning around and demanding that she inhale another joint and shut the fuck up. Speaking of joints, people were smoking some nasty weed on this night. PSA: GO to modern rock shows, they have higher quality drugs.

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I would like to include a heartfelt thank you to the people over at Setlist.FM for constantly doing their best to update and accurately post setlists from every show possible. Everyone makes mistakes (and they're known for it) but they have helped me immensely in writing up track listings for my show, and lots of the information found accompanying my shows is thanks to them. Whether I have used Setlist.FM to collect information for this particular show or not, they deserve so many thanks for all the help they have given me in the past.
Finally, the confusion in regards to the legality of recording concerts is due to those dishonorable individuals who sell them. I do not condone selling freely-shared live music, and blame those who sell concerts for the lack of people recording and sharing content. Let it also be noted that any who sell this recording deserve nothing more than to have their own collection confiscated and shared freely with the masses. Please only degrade audio quality for personal use. Also, I ask that you keep this info file intact.
Mastered by Chickenwing on March 29, 2018.