Alison Kraus & Union Station
Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival
Winfield, Kansas
September 16, 1993 Late Show

Senheiser 441 L & R > Maxel XL-IIS90 > Tascam PORTAONE 4-Track Cassette
w/ DBX Type II NR
Set up about 25' behind the right stack.

Master Cassette > Onkyo TA-2027 > DBX 224X Decoder > WAVE 16 bit and
tracked w/ M-10 > Encoded to FLAC (level 8) w/TLH

Set List:
1. Too Late To Cry
2. Another Day Another Dollar
3. Instrumental
4. Sleep On
5. It�s Over
6. Windy City Rag
7. It Won�t Work This Time
8. Lose Again
9. Heaven�s Bright Shore
10. Favorite Memories
11. Atlanta
12. Big Money
13. I Will

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