Alison Krauss and Union Station
Delaware Valley Blue Grass Festival
September 21, 1996
Source: SBD

I got this in trade and have no idea about the history.
The sound is A+ IMHO.

D1T01 Intro
D1T02 Lose Again
D1T03 It Won't Work This Time
D1T04 Instrumental (Name Please)
D1T05 I Don't Know Why
D1T06 Band Chatter
D1T07 Steel Wheels
D1T08 Baby, Now That I've Found You
D1T09 Ghost In This House
D1T10 Instrumental (Name Please)
D1T11 Another Night
D1T12 Band Intro
D1T13 Foolish Heart
D1T14 Band Intro and Chatter
D1T15 Instrumental Help Please
D1T16 Blue And Lonesome Too
D1T17 Every Time You Say Goodbye

D2T01 The Road Is A Lover
D2T02 Instrumental (Name Please)
D2T03 Chatter
D2T04 Winter of a Broken Heart
D2T05 It's All Over Now
D2T06 In The Palm Of Your Hand
D2T07 Wild Bill Jones
D2T08 Two Highways
D2T09 Chatter
D2T10 When You Say nothing At All
D2T11 Oh Atlanta
D2T12 Instrumental (Name Please)
D2T13 Chatter
D2T14 Whos Shoulders Will You Cry On
D2T15 Big Spike Hammer
D2T16 Close