Excellent performance; enjoy. Thanks and gratitude are due the recordist, of whose name I am unaware, for the source recording. Help with the identity of the missing track title much appreciated. The torrent is a fresh transfer from my clone and therefore will differ from previous uploads of this broadcast, if any.

Faults: none

Owensboro, KY -- Peter B. English Park
1989-08-23 -- 45:29

01. -MC intro-
02. Two Highways
03. -talk-
04. Wild Bill Jones
05. -talk-
06. Beaumont Rag
07. -talk-
08. Steel Rails
09. -talk-
10. Going Gone
11. -talk-
12. Standing by the Bedside of a Neighbour
13. -talk-
15. -talk-
16. No Place to Hide
17. -talk-
18. Sweet Georgia Brown
15. -talk-
20. I Am the Man, Thomas
21. -talk-
22. Too Late to Cry
23. -talk, and intro-
24. Will You Be Leaving
25. -encore applause, MC talk-
26. -talk-
27. I Will

note: 'Alison Krauss and Union Station'
t06, 14, 18: instrumental
t10: Kathy Mattea - songwriter

No artwork.

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