The Center
Cedar Rapids, IA.

This is an excellent sounding audience stealth recording of Alison Krauss & Union Station.
The usually horrid acoustics of the U.S. Cellular Center were thankfully negated by the
band’s outstanding sound system. The crowd was very quiet, save for the occasional murmured
conversation nearby. There were a couple small glitches during the first song thanks
to the dimwits who came in late and passed in front of me getting to their seats who felt
the overwhelming need to carry on a conservation with me and to an unexplained minor bit of
line noise (sample posted). Otherwise, this is a very clean sounding recording. If you have never seen
AKUS live, do yourself a favor, go see them. They are nothing short of amazing.
All of them are musical virtuosos and Alison’s voice is an ethereal wonder to behold.
And an added bonus, she is hilarious in her in between song conversations.
Hope you enjoy this one.

Recorded By: Bossman
Source: Sharp MT877 Minidisc – Sound professionals "Audio Technica" Hyper-Cardioid Mics>Audacity>Wave>
Magix Audio Cleaning Lab>Flac.
Recording Location: Main Floor, Tenth Row Middle

Alison Krauss - Fiddle, Vocal
Dan Tyminski - Guitar, Vocal
Jerry Douglas - Dobro
Ron Block - Banjo, Vocal
Barry Bales - Bass
Jim White - Drums
Gabe Dixon - Keys

01. Every Time You Say Goodbye
02. This Sad Song
03. Cluck Old Hen
04. Alison Talks
05. Let Me Touch You For A While
06. Lucky One
07. Ghost In This House
08. Goodbye Is All We Have
09. Alison Talks
10. Simple Love
11. Alison Talks
12. I'll Remember Your Love In My Prayers
13. Sawing On The Strings
14. Who's Shoulder Will You Cry On?
15. Jerry Talks
16. Jerry’s Dobro Solo: Tribute To Pather O’Donnell-Little Martha-
Little Row Row-A Monkey Let The Hogs Out
17. Jacob's Dream
18. Alison Talks
19. Along The Way

01. Man Of Constant Sorrow
02. Dan Talks
03. Lose Again
04. The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
05. Alison Talks
06. Forget About It
07. Away Down The River
08. Alison Talks
09. Restless
10. You're Just A Country Boy
11. Oh, Atlanta
12. Applause
13. When You Say Nothing At All
14. A Living Prayer

542ef978fc3b96d3d2f9e00d4f6e85e8 *AKUS INFO.txt
6c7c4f7fa7e664d6afac60de8020ed83 *D101 - Everytime You Say Goodbye.flac
6bf5ce8ab5167fe18ae95b30ae645187 *D102 - This Sad Song.flac
3bffa0374e48620937d48f0250e329d4 *D103 - Cluck Old Hen.flac
5606a6713f312f19f2634d3028ec788a *D104 - Alison Talks.flac
a9c0c3d6885b89e4cb7e18944772b281 *D105 - Let Me Touch You For A While.flac
11e23d4ccec261bfd1c4cefce5ae8fa8 *D106 - Lucky One.flac
91bdb1c272cdacb47a4fc691914aa6ed *D107 - Ghost In This House.flac
16efaf58c1ffdc9e7f6cc5eca975b5f4 *D108 - Goodbye Is All We Have.flac
53881062529ef62ad84736bb1d2a2c96 *D109 - Alison Talks.flac
7a89434f5809198dfc7b306383aeff52 *D110 - Simple Love.flac
a3127a13c01736ca179eb8a47883e65c *D111 - Alison Talks.flac
1962a6205913635a49b4a02cbf386454 *D112 - I'll Remember Your Love In My Prayers.flac
9f8f4f88000be39c40d5e32c4e127d62 *D113 - Sawing On The Strings.flac
f77bdde427062ccaed7cdc8cb8eabb26 *D114 - Who's Shoulder Will You Cry On.flac
dd4db6ccf1fa89f4706102af67323fb7 *D115 - Jerry Talks.flac
2cd4782fe07bc1277bf9f8cb8b9341a2 *D116 - Jerry's Dobro Solo.flac
99bcb5b926247569ed820f273d06f985 *D117 - Jacob's Dream.flac
ba4c7051c94624e3c60066e2dcfef481 *D118 - Alison Talks.flac
fd480b0cf123fb8551ffab12f69f42b0 *D119 - Along The Way.flac
7cf16a7e6f20fc6d19c8d2d151cbb277 *D201 - Man Of Constant Sorrow.flac
e2b887d2adefbc593268c73f1295378a *D202 - Dan Talks.flac
4f4d42d8806f8bb38f6cbbdb5edd34d7 *D203 - Lose Again.flac
e65c0b6d0198c3e4f69cc2c3a127bc3f *D204 - The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn.flac
b72cfb01618da98a8d900f72c3e79d5c *D205 - Alison Talks.flac
553d6e351dfeac2c47f4b4bdfe25490e *D206 - Forget About It.flac
fd0dbb6166939ac7584d27ea2929d289 *D207 - Away Down The River.flac
bbcf434a0d0eaafcd64fd33080847191 *D208 - Alison Talks.flac
4ed4a86b41a99af145585d40ee1a8db0 *D209 - Restless.flac
10eb4cb88b56789279ecdc48029709ab *D210 - You're Just A Country Boy.flac
7650c0295dad96712ecf9a7d87db19af *D211 - Oh, Atlanta.flac
1b096802f79030715bc388e1eee6291d *D212 - Applause.flac
08bff1c9d8fd70271ba3d5479651d1cc *D213 - When You Say Nothing At All.flac
289bd76873ed3b33026cdadc62927471 *D214 - A Living Prayer.flac